Saturday, May 3, 2014

Final Grades

I have finished grading your finals and putting your grades into the spreadsheet.  There are several people who were absent but did not give me excuse forms.  This is seriously affecting several people's final average.  Can you please get me your excuse forms ASAP so that I can post grades when it opens up for the final semester averages?  Thanks!

Great job on Friday.  Thanks for all your hard work and commitment to the class.  It showed.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Capture a newsworthy image that conveys any combination of emotion, interaction or conflict.

If you enjoyed the photojournalism assignment, you might want to consider entering this contest.  It is free to enter!

One 1st Place Winner

PRINT: A 30” x 40” digital gallery plexi print with wood brace of winning image (Value $505) (40” will be the long dimension by fall)

STORE FRONT EXPOSURE: Winning image will be displayed with photo credit at Duggal’s corporate location located at 29 w 23rd Street New York, NY 10010

MAGAZINE EXPOSURE: Featured in Digital Photo Pro Magazine
Only one image and story can be submitted per artist. Online submission of digital photographs via the website.

Image requirements: JPEG at 150 DPI or higher, please make sure your file size is 5mb or larger.
Judging criteria: creativity, photographic quality and effectiveness.

The Final is Friday at 9 am on 3rd Floor Journalism

 10 fabulous matted images for the final.

Final exam:
  • 10 matted images 
  • Image sized 8x12 (except for the David Hockney or the Anna Atkins if you wish)
  • Mat sized 16x20
Your 10 images can be composed from each of the class assignments or they can be a series of images from your favorite assignment. It is important to edit down your images to the 10 strongest that represent what you have learned in PHO 111.

Grading criteria:

  • Strong Compositional Elements demonstrated?
  • Strong Use of Color?
  • Intended subject In Focus?
  • Crisp Edges?
  • Clear of Distractions?
  • Interesting Lighting?
  • Interesting Subject?
  • Interesting Perspective?
  • Cropped correctly?
  • Correct Mat Size?
  • Trimmed Neatly?
  • Perfect Print Quality?
  • Participated in Critique without being asked?

In order for you to be able to take your prints with you after critique, can you please have your ten images up on your blog by Friday, May 2nd?  This way if I have questions while I am grading then I can refer to the images on your blog since I won't have your printed/matted work in front of me.

It has been a privilege and an honor to be your instructor for PHO 111.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  Please keep in touch.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Exhibit Today and Final on Friday

Hope to see you today, Wed at 2 pm in the student center on 2nd floor with your pictures.   If you can't make it, you can leave your matted photos at the print lab and I'll take them over for you.

Friday is the final.  We will meet on 3rd floor of Journalism where we had our mid-term at 9 am.  Bring your 10 matted images to display and discuss.  I can't wait to see what you decided for your final 10.

FYI from 3rd Floor Check Out : Check Out will close Friday @ 1pm.  All equipment must be back into Check Out no later than 10am on Friday May 2 or a hold will be put on your records.  

Monday, April 28, 2014

Wednesday April 30 from 2 pm to 4 pm PHO 111 Photo Exhibit

The photography media area of the Art Department presents the end of the semester PHO 111 final portfolios! Come see the terrific work our students have been up to!
Wednesday, April 30, 2-4 on the second floor of the student center!

4/30 2-4

Because we’re awesome!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Friday, April 25 Mat Day in the Print Lab

There will be a sign in sheet for you at 9 am on Friday April 25 in the Print Lab in Wathena.

Please note the earlier blog post that your assignment has changed from 20 matted images to 10 for the final exam.

David will present a matting demonstration at 10 am in the mat room.  You will need at least one of your final images printed in order for you to mat an image.  Your images are to be 8x12 in a 16x20 mat.

If you want to try to do a cyanotype like Anna Atkins, I will be on 3rd floor of Journalism to do a mini-workshop.  You can use one of these for your final images.

Wednesday, April 30th is the PHO 111 show at the Student Center on the 2nd Floor.  You will need to bring your 10 matted images to the 2nd floor of the Sam Rayburn Center by 3 pm.  We will have a space for our class to present images.  You will get to meet all the other PHO 111 students and see their work.

See you on Friday!

Check out is closing May 2nd

Notice from 3rd Floor Check Out:

All equipment must be checked back in by 10 am on Friday, May 2nd.  If you do not have the equipment back on 3rd Floor by 10 am, a hold will be placed on your record.