Thursday, January 23, 2014

Assignment #2: Self Portrait

Show us your Selfie!

There is a rich tradition of self-portraiture in photography and one of the first subjects every student studying photography should photograph is themselves. In this assignment I want you to make two very distinct images of yourself.  Each image should express the concept or idea of “I”. One image must depict the “self” from the outside – how you think you are perceived or known.
The second image must show the “other side” of you, the person that no one knows; the alter ego, if you will. The environment is everything in this assignment so pick the location well to tell the story. You can use the self-timer or have someone “click” the shutter. But most of the time it is best if you work alone. It is less inhibiting to the creative juices.

Hint: For both images to be successful, shoot a lot of images. Pick a location that works for what is needed to convey the idea and then work it to death. No train tracks allowed and no flash, only natural light!

Your work will be evaluated on idea, concept, composition and design.  Please pay particular attention to how it looks on the web in your blog.

Upload the two sides of yourself onto your blog.  Explain your images.  Tell us your motivation and whether or not you think you were successful in telling us who you really are inside and out.
Due: Friday, January 31 at 9 am

What: Bring the files of all your self-portrait images on your hard drive to class. The more images you have the better. We will be using these files for our first lab exercise in LightRoom, Photoshop and for your Blog. Remember, your metadata will need to state the images were taken between 24th of January 2014 and the 30th of January 2014. Also, bring the camera to class that you used to do the assignment.  
We will use each one of your blogs in our class discussion and critique.

If you have the images and explanation posted on the blog by 9am you will receive a 100. If you do not have the images and explanation posted on the blog by 9am you will receive a 0.

Remember there are no late assignments accepted or extra credit assignments provided in this class.


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