Friday, February 21, 2014

Assignment # 5: 2 sets of the Alphabet

Alphabet by Ginger Cook, PHO 111, 2009
Our next assignment is alphabet photography. Your challenge is to begin seeing lines and shapes in the world around you.

By Friday, the 28th of February, you will need to have 2 sets of images taken of the letters of the alphabet.

1 set of the alphabet must be taken of shapes objects resembling letters of the alphabet but not of the actual letters.

The second set of the alphabet can be your choice.  Put together 26 images of shapes of your choice in any fashion.

Steps to the process:

1.  Take images of the alphabet with your camera.

2.  Download the images onto the desktop.

3.  Open each image and resize it the same for all 26 letters in Photoshop or Lightroom.  Make sure the color correction on all images are somewhat similar. 

4. After you have created each letter of the alphabet, open a new blank page in Photoshop.  You might want to size it 100 inches by 100 inches.

5.  Drag each of the letters onto the white blank page.

6.  Place the letters onto the blank page in any fashion you wish.

7.  After all the letters have been placed, go into Layers and flatten the image.

8.  After you have flattened the image, use the crop tool take away any extra white space left on the page.

9.  Save as a tiff.

10.  Resize for the web so that you can upload the entire alphabet onto your blog.

If you have trouble moving the images onto the black page, bring all your cropped and corrected 26 letters to class next Friday.  I will help you move them onto the page, flatten, crop and size for the web.


You might want to google alphabet photography or alphabet art to get some ideas.

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