Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mid Term Critique is Friday, March 7 at 9am

Due:10 (ten) printed images size 8x12 with 1 inch white margins. Please put your full name on the back with a pencil. Also write what compositional tool you used for each of the 10 photographs on the back of each submission.

What: Shoot 10 different images using 10 different compositional tools. Below is the list of compositional tools you can choose from in order to create 10 final 8x12 images for the mid-term assignment:

1. Rule of Thirds
2. Filling the Frame
3. Framing
4. Dirty Framing
5. Silhoutte
6. Tunnel
7. Texture
8. Pattern
9. Leading Lines
10. Reflection
11. Shadows
12. Depth of Field (DOF)
13. Curved Lines (S Curve)
14. Meandering Lines
15. Diagonal Lines
16. Balance (Symetrical and Asymetrical)
17. Geometric Shapes
18. Fibonacci Ratio
19. Dynamic Symetry
20. Negative/Positive Space
21. Perspective
22. Sense of Scale
23. Rule of Odds
24. Stop Motion
25. Show Motion
26. Pan Motion
27. Cruciform
28. Sun Flare/ Star Burst

Things to consider: There are lots of students from all the other photography and VisCom classes printing their assignments for mid-term. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to shoot and print. You can not be late for critique. Critique for your mid-term grade begins at 9 am sharp.

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